OverviewThe Learning Care Academy is a center for excellence in advanced learning & study, training, research and counselling. The main objective of this academy is to provide an advanced level learning gateway where knowledge seekers can get easily a pathway of higher study and learn new skills. It also helps the learners, professionals, knowledge seekers as well as job seekers in providing quality study materials, tool kits, finding the correct pathway and make the best fit for facing new challenges.

The Learning Care Academy exists to advance the understanding, follow standards and global best practices, doing research for people management with human development care, business facilitation and corporate professionals as well. We offer a wide range of services to our applicants & clients.

It delivers its service through:
Impartation of knowledge, Advanced Study Care Facility and Training, Building Humans Capability to meet challenges.
Direct consultancy, solving problems and helping plan, and shape the future.
Research and publishing – understanding what needs to be done and making these findings readily available.
International alliances and cooperation.
The Learning Care Academy is devoted to provide a set of excellent human skills enhancement services through research and abiding by global standards to make the people talent and competent in espying perseveringly the desired destination.
Beside Objectives
We tailor our services to the particular needs of the people management, knowledge & education management, human care. Our blend of skill and experience means that we can develop and offer a service which meets our clients’ needs precisely and effectively. Whilst our services are delivered mainly to applicants and clients in Bangladesh, we have a strong keenness and demand to work and make mutual understanding internationally also.

Human is the most valuable creature on the planet by Allah (SWT), taking proper care possibly convert to human capital. The academy is appealing a craving to you to take the chance to keep yourself an engagement of the people management suite to meet the challenges for prospect world.

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